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How to Predict Content Performance and Shareability

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Brennan White, founder of Cortex, and MarketMuse Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Jeff Coyle examine how to use artificial intelligence to predict content performance and shareability. Here are the webinar notes.

Content is Often Published Without the Right Data to Inform Direction

Content teams large and small suffer from not having the right data to make important decisions around content. This frequently creates a situation where strategy and the content created is done by gut feeling.

Humans Can Only Analyze a Finite Amount of Data

Due to time constraints, people often apply a strategy that works on one channel to a completely new one. That’s not always the best solution, but it’s a natural response to dealing with so much data. Experienced marketers at the helm of a team often use their intuition and subjective experience to make predictions. 

Know What to Write About, and How, and Predict Performance

AI is changing the way content is published, with data driving the strategy and planning, and ultimately the content. The key is finding the overlap between the interest of your audience and the content your organization provides.

Identify Gaps Before You Publish

In content gap analysis, one can find topics missing from an existing piece of content, and go back to update it. Not so with social. Most people experience things in the moment. So you don’t update older social posts; instead, use the knowledge of existing gaps to improve future content.

There’s More to Social AI Than Finding the Best Time to Post

Machine learning can help determine the type of content that resonates best with a specific kind of visitor. A/B testing can produce outstanding results, but only if the options being considered perform well, to begin with.

Machine Vision Detects Attributes to Improve Visual Storytelling

You can’t get too much information about content. More data increases the potential for machine learning to identify trends.

Marketing AI Enhances Workflows and Facilitates Rockstars

It allows for the building of plans quickly with predictive guidance. Workflows efficiencies are improved as is the quality of content. As a result, there’s better messaging to the audience and optimization of resources across the team.

Stephen leads the content strategy blog for MarketMuse, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. You can connect with him on social or his personal blog.