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7 MAICON Sessions and Speakers We’re Excited About

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MAICON 2021 features two days (Sept. 13 & 14) of keynote and breakout sessions — all developed to help you understand, pilot and scale artificial intelligence in your marketing. All of these sessions look wonderful, and here’s a handful in which we’re particularly interested.

The (Artificially) Intelligent Enterprise: How to Grow Smarter with AI

Paul Roetzer, Founder & Creator of PR 20/20, LinkedIn Twitter

Paul Roetzer

In this opening keynote, Paul Roetzer will help our audience of next-gen marketers:

  • Look at problems and your ability to solve them differently.
  • Drive the next frontier of digital marketing transformation within your organization.
  • Differentiate yourself from your peers.
  • Achieve greater efficiencies at work.
  • Build more intelligent campaigns and solutions.
  • Stay grounded by focusing on uniquely human traits—empathy, creativity and strategy.
  • Give modern consumers epic experiences.

Marketing must become smarter. It must become marketer + machine.

Why We’re Excited

We firmly believe that AI can accelerate your business and your path to key outcomes. If AI isn’t incorporated into your tech stack, you’re at a disadvantage. We’re excited to hear about what the Institute is seeing and the latest technological shifts. Paul’s a great speaker, you may seen him on this MarketMuse Webinar, The Business Case for AI for Marketing.

Other Sessions With Paul

  • Responsible AI: Ethics, Innovation, and Lessons Learned from Big Tech
  • Roundtable: AI for Agencies

Latest Book

The Marketing Agency Blueprint

AI for CMOs: How Marketing Leaders Are Transforming Their Talent, Tech and Strategy

Jim Lecinski, Clinical Professor of Marketing, Northwestern University–Kellogg School of Management, LinkedIn Twitter

Daniel Incandela, CMO, Terminus, LinkedIn Twitter

Amy Heidersbach, Chief Marketing Officer, Persado, LinkedIn Twitter

The role of the CMO has expanded beyond traditional marketing boundaries. Leaders are expected to do more with less time, smaller teams, and reduced budgets. CMOs must be both agile and strategic with their time and resources. AI in marketing can help by alleviating data-driven, repetitive tasks to allow time for more effective, customer-centric strategy and creativity.

This panel brings together marketing leaders who have put AI into action in their own companies—building smarter teams, richer strategies, and more intelligent uses of technology

Why We’re Excited

In this panel you’ll get to hear from three marketing leaders who have implemented AI in a number of ways in their organization.

Jim Lecinski is a marketing educator and advisor. He has 30 years of experience driving successful business results for major brands by developing and implementing integrated, omni-­channel and digital marketing programs.

Following a twelve year career at Google, where he was Vice President of Customer Solutions for the Americas, Lecinski is now a clinical Associate Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management where he teaches MBA Marketing Strategy and Omni-channel Strategy.

Latest Book

The AI Marketing Canvas: A Five-Stage Road Map to Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Daniel Incandela is CMO at Terminus. A creative, strategic thinker, Incandela has more than 20 years of digital and marketing industry leadership experience. Incandela has led creative teams across myriad industries including the arts, sports and entertainment, sales, cloud and marketing automation, which has earned him industry awards and a designation on the prestigious Indianapolis Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 list. Incandela previously served as CMO at Conga and Return Path, and held leadership roles at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, ExactTarget and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Amy Heidersbach is Chief Marketing Officer for Persado, where she oversees global marketing efforts. The daughter of an advertising executive, Heidersbach is a lifelong marketer. She’s made a career out of leading transformational B2B and B2C marketing and brand initiatives. With a commitment to “full stack, integrated marketing,” Heidersbach has a 20+ year track record of success building authentic brands, launching innovative products, creating categories, and scaling businesses in a variety of industries.

How to Think About Natural Language Processing and Generation in Marketing

Chris Penn, Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, Trust Insights, LinkedIn Twitter

Chris Penn

In this keynote from Chief Data Scientist Christopher Penn, discover how marketers can tap into the power of language using AI and machine learning. You’ll learn:

  • The different kinds of natural language processing and generation
  • What tools are available today commercially and what’s cutting edge
  • Practical applications and examples of natural language processing in marketing
  • A framework for adopting natural language processing in your marketing

Why we’re excited

NLG is the present of content creation, no longer the future. You can create content in a fraction of the time, and a fraction of the cost. But the right data and inputs need to be factored in to ensure the highest quality (which is why we created MarketMuse NLG Technology!). 

We love hearing Chris Penn talking about NLP and NLG. If his accolades don’t tell you, we had first-hand experience collaborating with him in the past on workshops and webinars, including How to Use NLP in Content Marketing. We’ve learned a lot from him! He makes a complicated concept easy to understand and empowers you to harness it.

Latest Book

AI for Marketers: A Primer and Introduction 


25+ Tactical Ways to Use AI in Marketing Right Now (+ Vendor Recommendations)

Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer, Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, LinkedIn Twitter

Mike Kaput is Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute and a senior consultant at PR 20/20. He writes and speaks about how marketers can understand, adopt, and pilot artificial intelligence to increase revenue and reduce costs.

It’s time for marketers to act. To compete, you must begin exploring real AI use cases and tools today. This session is here to help and covers:

  • 25+ use cases for AI in marketing for businesses of every size in every industry.
  • Dozens of recommended vendors to jumpstart your AI pilots.
  • Real-world examples of how we’re using AI to accelerate the growth of Marketing AI Institute, including hard-won lessons and advice.

Other Session With Mike

Roundtable: Marketing AI for Beginners

Why We’re Excited

There is so much you can do with AI, it’s hard to keep up. But AI is also technology that can accelerate your business in so many ways. We’re looking forward to seeing the latest practical uses, especially to see if there are any places to increase our own efficiency and competitive advantage. Mike has the experience in helping content marketers get started with AI.

Holding AI Accountable

Zeze Peters, Rocket scientist, Founder and CEO,, LinkedIn Twitter

Zeze Peters is a Cornell-educated Rocket-scientist and founder of, a Toronto advertising AI startup. He spent the last 15 years building simple solutions to complex problems in Applied AI, eCommerce, Consumer goods and Big data systems for Fortune 1000 companies

Software is eating the world, and AI allows us to do more, faster and better. However, AI tools are wholly unaccountable. In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Benefits of relying on AI to do key tasks
  • Perils of black-box intelligence systems
  • Strategies for AI builders to create auditable A

Why We’re Excited

Sometimes the power of AI can get ahead of us. It’s important to understand the AI you are employing and the risks that come with it. In our case, with AI-generated content, it’s “quality in, quality out” or “garbage in, garbage out”.

How to Accelerate Digital Business Transformation with AI

Sheldon Monteiro EVP, Chief Product Officer, Publicis Sapient, LinkedIn Twitter

Jeffrey K. Rohrs SaaS Marketing Executive, Investor & Advisor, LinkedIn Twitter

There have been exponential improvements in technology that are accelerating the rate of change, and consumers are often unpredictable in their response to these innovations. 

How can marketers be successful amidst these technological innovations? In this fireside chat, Sheldon Monteiro, Chief Product Officer at Publicis Sapient, will discuss:

  • How marketers can more quickly bring ideas to market.
  • How to do that with quality so we don’t just break things.
  • How to deliver value to customers and the business in the process.

Why We’re Excited

We all want to move first and fast, but it’s not easy or simple. We’re looking forward to hearing lessons learned from Sheldon Monteiro from his vast experience at highly successful companies and what it really takes to drive digital transformation.

As Publicis Sapient’s Chief Product Officer, Sheldon Monteiro works with their executive team and Global 1000 clients to stay on the forefront of applying digital enablers, Agile and data driven lean product thinking to reimagine business and customer experiences. Monteiro has worked with, and built award winning digital products and platforms for clients such as Fidelity Investments, Target, BP, Sprint, McDonald’s and US Bank.

Jeff Rohrs is a wearer of many hats: CMO, author, beekeeper, former agency president, recovering attorney, and former DJ. Rohrs was a proud member of the Marketing Leadership team that fueled ExactTarget’s growth, IPO, and 2013 acquisition by Salesforce. After two years with Salesforce, he joined Yext as CMO where he helped the company go public in 2017 and grow ARR from $50M to over $230M. Most recently, Rohrs served in transitional CMO roles for both Jobvite and

Genius Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought AI to Google, Facebook and the World

Cade Metz, Technology Correspondent, The New York Times, LinkedIn Twitter

Cade Metz is a technology correspondent with The New York Times, covering artificial intelligence, driverless cars, robotics, virtual reality, and other emerging areas. Previously, he was a senior staff writer with Wired magazine. Genius Makers is his first book.

Join New York Times journalist and bestselling author Cade Metz for a conversation about Genius Makers, his new book that gives readers an insider’s look at the mavericks leading the race for AI supremacy. Genius Makers dramatically presents the fierce conflict between national interests, shareholder value, the pursuit of scientific knowledge, and the very human concerns about privacy, security, bias, and prejudice. Like a great Victorian novel, this world of eccentric, brilliant, often unimaginably yet suddenly wealthy characters draws you into the most profound moral questions we can ask. And like a great mystery, it presents the story and facts that lead to a core, vital question: How far will we let it go? 

Why We’re Excited

We learn from the past to forge ahead into the future. The mistakes and the wins both help us learn. We can’t wait to hear what Cade found and how we can learn from it as we head into the next phase of content evolution.

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See the full MAICON 2021 Agenda.

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