Content Optimization

Content Optimization | May 20 2021

Content Optimization: Understanding Mentions, Topic Depth, and Topic Breadth

A look at how topic distribution, depth, breadth, content score, and word count work together in creating better content.
Stephen Jeske
Content Optimization | Mar 30 2021

Common Misconceptions About TF-IDF

Most people still don’t understand Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency. Here are five things you think you know but probably don't.
Stephen Jeske
Content Optimization | Jul 30 2020

How to Drive Traffic by Optimizing Images for SEO (Guest Post)

Proper image optimization might be the extra spark your website needs to outrank the competition. Follow these steps to stay on top...
Stephen Jeske
Content Optimization | Feb 11 2020

How to Tailor Your Content Marketing Strategy to User Intent

Defining concepts like user intent and searcher task accomplishment and providing tips on how to write content that addresses your readers’ questions.
Rebecca Bakken
Content Optimization | Jan 16 2020


All you questions about using TF IDF for SEO and content optimization are answered right here.
Stephen Jeske
Content Optimization | Jan 14 2020

Why Your Content Optimization Is Failing

Writing best-in-class expert content is just the first step in establishing authority and expertise. Here's what to do when your content optimization...
Stephen Jeske
Content Optimization | Sep 24 2019

User Intent Analysis – How to Find Mismatches and Fix Them

A step-by-step guide to finding search intent mismatches on any site and create new content that satisfies those specific intents.
Kirby Burke
Content Optimization | Aug 15 2019

Why TF-IDF Doesn’t Solve Your Content and SEO Problem but Feels Like it Does

A look at the challenges of implementing TF-IDF and why it isn't the answer to your content and SEO problem, even if...
Stephen Jeske
Content Optimization | Jun 04 2019

6 Technical SEO Factors Preventing Your Content From Ranking

Search engines can only rank the content they can see and understand. Here are six common technical SEO issues and how you...
Sahil Kakkar
Content Optimization | Apr 29 2019

Content Optimization Software and Tools (2019 Update)

Optimizing your content for search isn't easy, but technology has evolved to meet the demands of marketers who need a scalable content...
Rebecca Bakken
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