Content Inventory

Content Inventory | May 27 2021

Content Inventory Analysis: 3 Decision-Making Metrics

Use these three metrics to create a content strategy that has demonstrable value, with the confidence that it will succeed.
Stephen Jeske
Content Inventory | May 11 2021

Content Inventory Optimization and The Importance of Topical Authority

Topical Authority, Competitive Advantage, and Personalized Difficulty are critical to prioritizing your content optimization efforts.
Stephen Jeske
Content Inventory | Feb 13 2020

Content Inventory Template Review

A review and comparison of ten of the most popular content inventory and auditing spreadsheet templates.
Stephen Jeske
Content Inventory | Oct 09 2018

Content Inventory Software for Content Strategists

If you're tired of tracking of all your content assets by hand, here are some alternatives. These options go beyond spreadsheets to...
Laurie Mega
Content Inventory | Oct 05 2017

Using A.I. to Conduct a Content Inventory and Audit

Taking inventory of content and performing the necessary updates often falls by the wayside – to the detriment of your content marketing...
Rebecca Bakken
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