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January 8th 2019

183 Content Strategy Resources to Help You Up Your Content Game

If you’re a seasoned content strategist it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Even after you’ve done a content inventory to fill the gaps and looked to your competitors to see what they’re publishing, there’s still a good chance you’re struggling with keyword research, user intent, SEO or simply coming up with new content ideas.

If you are approaching content strategy for the first time, planning for all those elements can be overwhelming. Where do you even begin?

But you don’t have to go it alone. There are blogs, books, courses and content strategy experts you can look to guide you through your pain points.

We’ve rounded up 183 of our favorites to help you begin your journey as a content strategist, up your content game, or even share your own expertise with others.

Blogs About Content Marketing, Strategy, and Creation

These blogs look at all angles of the content strategy and creation process. Some of them, like the Content Marketing Institute, you’ve probably heard of and may already follow. Some, like Less Work, More Flow are hidden gems of information on content marketing.

  1. Adventures in Content Strategy
  2. A List Apart
  3. Boagworld
  4. Boxes and Arrows
  5. Brain Traffic
  6. Cleve Gibbon
  7. Content Here
  8. Content Marketing Institute
  9. Content Science Review
  10. Creek Content
  11. Eating Elephant
  12. Elle Geraghty
  13. Every Page is Page One
  14. Gather Content
  15. Gerry McGovern
  16. Government Digital Service
  17. Less Work, More Flow
  18. Nicole Fenton
  19. Pybop
  20. Scriptorium
  21. The Content Wrangler
  22. Voice, Tone and Content Guides
  23. Web Content Strategy

Books on Content Strategy

Books are a great way to start a discussion within your company and get major stakeholders engaged and talking to each other. Many companies distribute copies of books they find helpful to employees and hold a sort of book club to discuss ideas and strategies and how they apply to their own work.

Here are 38 books on content strategy that could get your team talking.

  1. Content Audits and Inventories, by Paul Landenburg Land
  2. Content Design, by Sarah Richards
  3. Content Everywhere: Strategy and Structure for Future-Ready Content, by Sara Wachter-Boettcher
  4. Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business, by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman
  5. Content Strategy, by Smashing Magazine
  6. Content Strategy 101: Transform Technical Content into a Business Asset, by Sarah O’Keefe and Alan S. Pringle
  7. Content Strategy for Mobile, by Karen McGrane
  8. Content Strategy for the Web, by Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach
  9. Content Strategy at Work: Real-world Stories to Strengthen Every Interactive Project, by Margot Blumenstein
  10. Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits, Rahel Anne Bailie and Noz Urbina
  11. Does Your Content Work: Why Evaluate Your Content—and How to Start, by Colleen Jones
  12. Enterprise Content Strategy, by Kevin P. Nichols
  13. Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content, by Ann Handley
  14. Global Content Strategy: A Primer, by Val Swisher
  15. HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Strategy, by Michael E. Porter, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne
  16. Killer Web Content: Make the Sale, Deliver the Service, Build the Brand, by Gerry McGovern
  17. Letting Go of the Words, by Janice (Ginny) Redish
  18. Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
  19. Managing Chaos, by Lisa Welchman
  20. Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy, by Anne Rockley and Charles Cooper
  21. Metadata Basics for Web Content: The Unification of Structured Data and Content, by Michael C. Andrews
  22. Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose, by Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee
  23. Outside-In Marketing: Using Big Data to Guide Your Content Marketing, by James Mathewson and Mike Moran
  24. Planning for Everything: The Design of Paths and Goals, by Peter Morville
  25. Practical Content Strategy & Marketing, by Julia McCoy
  26. The Accidental Taxonomist, by Heather Hedden
  27. The Art of SEO, by Jessie Stricchiola, Stephan Spencer and Eric Enge
  28. The Content Advantage (Clout 2.0), by Colleen Jones
  29. The Content Strategy Toolkit: Methods, Guidelines, and Templates for Getting Content Right, by Meghan Casey
  30. The Content Trap: A Strategist’s Guide to Digital Change, by Bharat Anand
  31. The Elements of Content Strategy, by Kristina Halvorson
  32. The Language of Content Strategy, by Scott Abel and Rahel Anne Bailie
  33. The Stranger’s Long Neck: How to Deliver What Your Customers Really Want Online, by Gerry McGovern
  34. The User’s Journey: Storymapping Products That People Love, by Donna Lichaw
  35. The Web Content Strategist’s Bible, by Richard Sheffield
  36. Understanding Context: Environment, Language, and Information Architecture, by Andrew Hinton
  37. Web Content Management: Systems, Features, and Best Practices, by Deane Barker
  38. This Means This, This Means That, Second Edition, by Sean Hall
  39. Content Chemistry, by Andy Crestodina


Courses are another great way to get team members discussing and collaborating, and are quicker than gleaning information from dozens of blogs.

All of these courses are available online. Some are simple training courses on creating content, while others are more in-depth courses that cover your entire content strategy and offer a certificate of completion.

  1. Content Design: Planning and Creating User-centred Content
  2. Content Marketing University
  3. Content Strategy and Marketing Course
  4. Content Strategy and SEO for Lead Generation
  5. Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization
  6. Northwestern University Content Strategy Training and Tutorials
  7. Content Strategy UBC Certificate Program
  8. HubSpot Content Marketing Course
  9. Introduction to Content Strategy
  10. Lightning Fast Content Design 101
  11. Nielsen Norman Group Content Strategy Courses
  12. Oregon State University Digital Brand Management Certificate
  13. Rutgers University Mini-MBA: Digital Marketing Curriculum
  14. University of Washington Certificate in Storytelling and Content Strategy

Content Strategy Conferences and Events













And of course, there are plenty of content strategy professionals and SMEs out there with all kinds of pearls of wisdom. These are 50 of our favorite. Follow them for the latest news and insights in the content marketing industry.

  1. Scott Abel (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  2. Rahel Anne Bailie (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  3. Deane Barker (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  4. Mollye Barrett (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  5. Sarah Beckley (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  6. Margot Bloomstein (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  7. Michael Boses (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  8. Richard Brooks (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  9. Sharon Burton (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  10. Jonathon Colman (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  11. Charles Cooper (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  12. Laura Creekmore (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  13. Laurence Dansokho (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  14. Don Day (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  15. Don DePalma (LinkedIn)
  16. Kristen James Eberlein (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  17. Talia Eisen (LinkedIn)
  18. Tosca Fasso (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  19. Linda Francis (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  20. Stefan Gentz (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  21. Cleve Gibbon (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  22. Robert J. Glushko (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  23. Joe Gollner (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  24. Brenda Huettner (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  25. Richard Ingram (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  26. Char James-Tanny (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  27. Colleen Jones (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  28. Kate Kenyon (LinkedIn)
  29. Eliot Kimber (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  30. Paula Ladenburg Land (LinkedIn)
  31. Cheryl Landes (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  32. Mark Lewis (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  33. Rachel Lovinger (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  34. Kevin Nichols (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  35. Sarah O’Keefe (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  36. Marta Rauch (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  37. Ann Rockley (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  38. Jim Romano (LinkedIn)
  39. Robert Rose (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  40. Rebecca Schneider (LinkedIn)
  41. Bill Swallow (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  42. Val Swisher (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  43. Mat Szwajkos (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  44. Lori Thicke (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  45. Lisa Trager (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  46. Sharon Twiss (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  47. Noz Urbina (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  48. Kathy Wagner (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  49. Leigh White (LinkedIn) (Twitter)
  50. John Yunker (LinkedIn) (Twitter)


Keeping abreast of industry news, learning new skills, or finding content strategy tips as a content strategist doesn’t have to be a chore, and you don’t have to do your job in a vacuum. Following people, groups and blogs; attending classes and events, and reading the right books can help you up your content strategy game.

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